Barleens Arizona Opry 2016-2017 Season Kicks Off Tonight

The Barleen family has been busy cooking up all sorts of treats for its new 2016-2017 season and it all kicks off tonight! As you can see from the photo, Jim Barleen with brother Ben, have been working since early morning baking our famous Barleens Chocolate Cake, made from our own secret family recipe. It will be waiting for you at your table when you arrive and no one will scold you if you eat it first!


Barleens now offers a full bar as well as its free lemonade and coffee with unlimited refills, so you’ll find lots of ways to quench your thirst.

After a delicious feast of either our Traditional Plate or our new Healthy Plate option, all the talented cast you came to know last season will be back with more music, laughter and surprises. In addition, for all of America’s veterans, there will be a special tribute during both tonight’s and Saturday’s performances.

Doors open tonight at 5:15 pm. If you love our show, be sure to share your thoughts about our new season on Facebook.

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